The term 'jack of all trades' can get a bad press, however good design comes from applying good design principles, regardless of medium. Whether its a logo, brochure, website, annual report, or something unique like a whisky bottle or a pack of cards* – if you need someone to make things look good whilst communicating your message effectively, I'm here to help.* Both of which I've recently worked on...

Brand Identity

I can design a new logo for you, update an existing one or develop a full brand identity and visual style for your business, as well as create accompanying brand guidelines if required.

Graphic Design

I can help you with anything design-related including brochures, annual reports, stationery and promotional material including flyers, leaflets and posters and more.

Web design and digital

I can design and develop a great-looking and easy-to-use website for your business that allows you to edit content for yourself, and will look good on all devices.

Social media

I can design one-off posts or a series for a particular campaign. I can also develop templates, allowing you to create content yourself whilst keeping a consistent professional aesthetic.